Day 6 GiveAway:

Free Trial & $250 credit from Preseem

This GiveAway sponsored by:

Now here’s something that will not only make your network better but also make your subscribers happier!

Preseem, the popular QoE monitoring and optimization platform developed exclusively for WISPs, is offering a sweet coupon for new WISP customers to mark day 6 of the WISP Online GiveAway 2018.

WISPs can use this offer of $250 credit in addition to the standard free first month trial. What’s more? This credit can be applied either towards second month invoice or purchase of any Preseem appliance!

Loved and highly recommended by WISPs of all sizes, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to get Preseem deployed in your network and leverage its granular, real-time QoE metrics and optimization features to reduce support costs, improve your network performance and have happier, more profitable customers.


  • Available to ISPs in US & Canada only.
  • Credit is in US dollars or CAD depending on your location
  • Coupon valid till 30-September-2018.
  • Can be used towards new appliance orders or monthly subscriptions (second month invoice)
  • Instructions on how to claim this GiveAway will be emailed to you starting June 13.

Today’s GiveAway is sponsored by: Preseem

Developed exclusively for WISPs, Preseem is a one-of-a-kind networking solution that helps to find & fix Quality of Experience (QoE) issues across towers, sectors, and subscribers. Preseem extracts key performance metrics directly from the subscriber traffic in real-time and presents actionable insights through user-friendly graphical interface for WISPs to find and fix issues easily. Preseem further uses advanced Active Queue Management (AQM) techniques based on FQ-CoDel to enforce subscriber plan limits and to manage streaming video and other high-bandwidth applications while improving your subscriber QoE. Sign up for a free trial today and find out why a fast-growing number of WISPs choose Preseem as their one-platform only solution for QoE monitoring and traffic/bandwidth management. 

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