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The Inspired Workplace

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The most inspiring stories have always involved fundamental struggles that we can all relate to. Struggles against genuine adversity such as injustice, hunger, thirst and poverty. The Inspired Workplace is a leadership and cultural development book unlike any other. It has been predicated on the assumption that the most inspiring people in the world are not those of us lucky enough to receive a private school education, but those people that have had to struggle against and overcome the most tragic of circumstances.

Lead a fast-growing WISP or have plans to do so? This book will help reinvigorate your practice as a leader. It will remind you of what is truly important in life and enable you to shape a truly inspired workplace.

Day 1 giveaway is the PDF edition of this book, brought to you by Wisper University.


  • PDF edition of the book.
  • Available to ISPs worldwide
  • Instructions on how to claim this gift will be emailed to you on June 13.

Today’s GiveAway is sponsored by: Wisper University

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