WISP Online GiveAway

The 2018 WISP Online GiveAway is officially over.

Did you miss it? Don’t despair. We’ll be back with more gifts early next year!

If you signed up for the GiveAway 2018 between April 28, 2018 – June 12, 2018, you’ll get information on how to claim your 7 GiveAways via email starting June 13, 2018. Grand prize draw will be on June 15, 2018. More questions? Email us at giveaway@preseem.com

It’s time to Thank You for all you do, WISPs.

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The WISP Online GiveAway is now over.


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Basic Contest Rules –

👍 Only open to WISP owners/employees.

5ī¸âƒŖ Maximum 5 employees/ WISP can participate.

đŸĨ‡ Only 1 entry per person.

🔍 All submission subject to further verification.

🎰 Official Sweepstakes rules here.

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[Tweet "Just signed up for WISP Online GiveAway 2018. 7 days of free gifts + a grand prize worth $2000!#WISPs #FixedWireless http://preseem.com/wisp-online-giveaway"]


Review Official Sweepstakes Rules here

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