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UPCOMING WEBINAR: Casual Geek Chat #2 – Bufferbloat: What, Why, & How to Fix!

Preseem and VISP.net are back with another episode of Casual Geek Chat!

Your hosts Dan Siemon, Jeremy Davis, and Brandon Yarbrough will geek out over latency, the Bufferbloat (big unmanaged buffers) problem, and how to manage packet buffers efficiently using modern queue management techniques.

This isn’t your typical webinar—it’s not a sales pitch or a demo! It’s just our resident geeks who love to talk about wireless networking tips and tricks, given their extensive experience as network owners and managers.

All registrants will receive a recorded copy of the session, even if they cannot attend the live event!

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Preseem-VISP.net Geek Chat: Access Points: The Good, Bad, & Ugly

Hosted on July 14, 2020, this webinar features a casual chat about access points (APs) between Dan Siemon of Preseem, and Jeremy Davis and Brandon Yarbrough of VISP.net. This geek chat is a must-watch for both networking professionals and anyone else interested in learning more about managing APs! Watch as our resident geeks discuss topics such as how manufacturer/vendor AP marketing numbers don’t match reality; why an overloaded AP kills Quality of Experience (shaping, Bufferbloat, drops); accurate provisioning and speed limiting; and so much more! Run time (including Q&A) is 40 minutes.

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Preseem-Sonar Webinar: Tap Into Your Growth Potential

Hosted on June 2, 2020, this webinar is focused on helping WISPs discover ways to utilize bandwidth efficiently, prioritize interactive traffic, increase customer retention, and deliver a better customer experience. As a growing WISP, finding ways to increase revenue and reduce operating costs are critical to the long-term health of your business. That is why data is so vital to growing and scaling your WISP: the decisions you make are only as good as the information you use to make them. Preseem’s CEO, Gerrit Nagelhout, and Sonar’s CEO, Simon Westlake, will walk you through the power of Sonar combined with Preseem’s QoE Monitoring and Optimized Shaping solutions. Run time (including Q&A) is 45 minutes.

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Launch of The New Fixed Wireless Network Report 2020 Q1 Edition

Hosted on April 21, 2020, this webinar is focused on helping WISPs to be informed, make better network and business decisions, and get ahead. Led by Dan Siemon, VP of Product Management at Preseem, this webinar gives you an up-close look at the latest Preseem Fixed Wireless Network Report. Dan goes over some of the most interesting insights contained in this latest edition of the report, and also shares the methodology behind how the data in this report was compiled. Additionally, Dan fields 14 audience questions pertaining to the new report. Run time (including Q&A) is 40 minutes.

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Preseem-Splynx Webinar: ISP Management, QoE, Bandwidth Control, & More

Hosted on April 2, 2020, this webinar came out at a time when all networks were experiencing an unprecedented surge in Internet traffic. Driven by an increased number of individuals working from home, this was a unique and unprecedented situation for fixed wireless operators. In this latest webinar, Preseem’s CEO, Gerrit Nagelhout, and Splynx’s Managing Director, Alex Vishnyakov, walk viewers through the power of Splynx combined with Preseem’s QoE Monitoring and Optimized Shaping solutions! Watch to learn all about how Preseem and Splynx can help network owners and operators manage their networks and Internet traffic, utilize bandwidth efficiency, and deliver a better customer experience. Run time (including Q&A) is 53 minutes.

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Preseem-Azotel Integration: My Experience Featuring Darin Steffl, Minnesota WiFi

Hosted on Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 by Gerrit Nagelhout (CEO, Preseem), Mike Sheward (Solution4Ebiz), John O’Hare and Stephen Shortland (Azotel). This joint webinar featured Darin Steffl, a Kasson, Minnesota based Wireless Internet Service Provider. The hosts shared information on Quality of Experience (QoE) and how the Preseem and Azotel platforms integrate with each other to make QoE monitoring and optimization easier for WISPs. Darin Steffl shared his own WISP journey and first-hand experience with the Preseem & Azotel platforms. Darin also shared examples of how he uses Preseem’s QoE platform to troubleshoot subscriber complaints and network concerns. He also shared how Preseem-Azotel integration makes managing delinquent customers a very simple process for his business. For more information, watch the video recording available here (after entering your name and contact details in the form on the right). Run time (including Q&A) is 51 minutes.

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Preseem-Sonar Integrations That Make Life Easy: A WISP's Perspective With Craig Wass from Desert iNet

Hosted on Tuesday, Dec 11th, 2018 by Simon Westlake (CEO, Sonar) and Gerrit Nagelhout (CEO, Preseem), this joint webinar featured Craig Wass from Desert iNet, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based WISP. The hosts discussed different features of Preseem-Sonar API integration and how these help WISPs to monitor and improve their network performance and subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE). Craig shared his experience of using Preseem and Sonar and the various integration features. The webinar was followed by 15 mins of Q&A where some amazing questions were asked by the participants. More than 150 WISPs registered to participate in this webinar and it was one informative session. For more information, watch the video recording available here (after entering your name and contact details in the form on the right). Running time (including Q&A) – 49 Minutes.

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Reducing Churn & Growing Your WISP using Preseem featuring Joe Falschi, E-vergent Wireless

Hosted on Tuesday, Sep 4th, 2018 by Gerrit Nagelhout, this webinar featured Joe Falaschi, GM & VP at E-vergent Wireless, a fast-growing WISP from Wisconsin, USA with over 3,000 subscribers. Learn how E-vergent Wireless used Preseem to reduce subscriber churn by 28% and add $27,000 in revenue in just 6 months after deployment. After a brief introduction on Quality of Experience (QoE), Preseem’s QoE monitoring and optimization platform and use cases, Joe shared his first-hand take on experience with Preseem as a WISP. He shared how his networking and support teams use Preseem and the impact Preseem has had on their subscriber churn and profitability. This is a must-watch webinar for WISP owners and operators. Some interesting questions were asked by fellow WISPs at the end too. For more information, watch the video recording available here (after entering your name and contact details in the form here). 37 Minutes; Hosted by Gerrit Nagelhout (Preseem) and Featuring Joe Falaschi (E-vergent Wireless)

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Translating QoE into Growth: Preseem-VISP.net Webinar

Hosted on Wednesday, July 18th, 2018, the Preseem-VISP.net webinar for WISPs focused on providing real data and examples to highlight the impact of QoE monitoring/ optimization in subscriber retention and resultant benefit to WISPs in terms of more sales and growth. The webinar had WISPs from 6 countries including the US, Canada, Spain, South Africa, New Zealand and Hungary participate and ask some meaningful questions. The session started with Dave Thomas from VISP.net introducing popular theory of principles-based business growth and the three key ways to grow a WISP business. He focused on subscriber retention as a key pillar of growth for WISPs highlighting the real value of a customer (hint: it’s much more than $80/ month) and encouraged WISPs to look at the long-term picture when it comes to valuing their individual customers. He then handed over to Gerrit from Preseem who showcased how QoE monitoring and optimization can help WISPs keep their existing subscribers longer, reduce churn and increase profits. He used data from a Preseem customer wherein lower subscriber churn and consistent growth after Preseem was deployed has actually led to over $75,000 in additional revenue in a year! The webinar was followed by a brief Q&A round wherein participants posted their questions and all were duly answered by the hosts. For more information, watch the video recording available here (after entering your name and contact details). 30 Minutes; Hosted by Gerrit Nagelhout (Preseem) & Dave Thomas (VISP.net)

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Preseem-Sonar Joint Webinar for WISPs

Hosted on Tuesday, Feb 13th, 2018, the Preseem-Sonar joint webinar for WISPs attracted over 110 participants who joined in from 10 countries including the United States, Canada, Ireland, UK, Brazil, Barbados, India, South Africa, Turkey, Chile, Barbados and others. Simon Westlake from Sonar introduced Sonar’s cloud-based billing & OSS platform to the participants and talked about some key features in their platform as well as the API integration with Preseem. Gerrit Nagelhout from Preseem explained the concept of QoE monitoring and how Preseem extracts key QoE metrics from real subscriber data. He also compared Preseem with DPI-based solutions and shared insights on QoE optimized plan enforcement and how it helps WISPs to solve typical ‘my-internet-is-slow’ customer problems.  The webinar ended in about 25 minutes and was followed by over 15 questions posted in the chat section by the participants and duly answered by the hosts. For more info, watch the video recording available here. 30 Minutes; Hosted by Gerrit Nagelhout (Preseem) & Simon Westlake (Simon)

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Preseem-Billmax Webinar on QoE monitoring, Plan Enforcement, API integration & more

Hosted on Wednesday, Nov 29th, 2017, this joint webinar by Preseem-BIllmax highlighted some of the new features in Billmax Q4 2017 release, Preseem’s QoE monitoring and optimization platform for WISPs and API integration between these two software platforms. Dan explained the concept of QoE monitoring for fixed wireless networks and showcased how Advanced Queue Management (AQM) techniques could be used for QoE optimized plan enforcement. The webinar ended with a quick overview of the Preseem-Billmax API integration which makes it easier for WISPs to get actionable QoE metrics and enforce plan rates. 30 Minutes; Hosted by Dan Siemon (Preseem), Ellen Slezak & Bill Schoolfield (Billmax)

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Network Monitoring Vs. Subscriber QoE Monitoring

Hosted on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 this Preseem webinar highlighted the key differences between traditional network monitoring and subscriber QoE monitoring. Dan explained the background on Quality of experience (QoE), why it matters to WISPs and went on to list out key disadvantages with traditional network monitoring systems (NMS) when it comes to uncovering QoE issues. The webinar ended with a brief introduction to Preseem’s network telemetry platform for QoE monitoring & optimization and a quick Q&A round. 30 Minutes; Hosted by Dan Siemon, Co-founder, Aterlo Networks

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Subscriber QoE Insights - KPI data from select US-based WISPs

Hosted on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 this Preseem webinar offered information on key factors that affect Quality of Experience (QoE) in a WISP network and how QoE issues can be identified and fixed in real-time using network telemetry. Aggregated data on KPI metrics gathered through analysis of hundreds of access points across the US was presented with real insights and charts. 30 Minutes; Hosted by Gerrit Nagelhout, CEO, Aterlo Networks