How WISPs use Preseem to improve subscriber QoE and grow their business

How can Preseem help WISP businesses like yours deliver better QoE to your subscribers leading to lower subscriber churn, reduced support costs and improved network performance and profitability? These success stories from Preseem customers highlight some details.

Fast-growing WISP from Elmendorf, TX Uses Preseem to Fix ‘Slow-internet’ Calls


Alamo Broadband, a fast-growing WISP in Elmendorf, TX uses Preseem to find and fix Bufferbloat issues caused by congested access points and plan enforcement solutions based on simple queues. While Preseem’s detailed QoE metrics and graphical wireless summary helped Alamo fix congestion related issues, advanced Active Queue Management (AQM) techniques replaced Mikrotik based plan enforcement to improve subscriber QoE. After implementing Preseem and making recommended network changes, Alamo experienced a dramatic fall in support calls related to slow internet as well as saved money on external after-hours support. Alamo also removed bursting component from its plans and now offers consistent higher plan speeds and more throughput to all customers using Preseem.

“My-internet-is-slow calls have all but ceased.”

Joe Portman

President, Alamo Broadband

Subscriber QoE Monitoring

Understand the real Quality of Experience (QoE) delivered by your network down to towers, access points and subscribers with real-time analytics and graphical summaries. By focusing on QoE, WISPs can ensure that they have happy customers thereby reducing churn and support costs.

QoE Optimized Plan Enforcement

Use Preseem's Advanced Queue Management (AQM) techniques to enforce bandwidth plans and manage high-bandwidth applications like Netflix in a manner that improves the subscriber experience but doesn’t add operational complexity. This reduces the dreaded ‘my Internet is slow’ support calls.

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