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Preseem2 days ago
Have you seen our new website? https://www.preseem.com/
p.s - feedback welcome 🙂
Preseem updated their cover photo.2 days ago
Preseem1 week ago
Checkout our latest blog post by Dan Siemon detailing how minor network configuration errors in a #fixedwireless network can impact subscriber's Quality of Experience (QoE) https://buff.ly/2DclyT9 #WISP #Wireless #QoE #NetworkMonitoring
Preseem1 week ago
Have you checked out our newly-designed blog for WISPs & the Fixed Wireless Industry? Show us some love - Read, Like and Share our content! https://buff.ly/2DeC4SH #Blog #WISPs #Networking #Tech #NetworkMonitoring #FixedWireless
Preseem2 weeks ago
2018 has started off on just the right notes for us! Especially when one of our WISP clients using Preseem's QoE optimized plan enforcement techniques sends us this review 🙂 Thank you, Mark. #WirelessWednesday #WISPs #QoE #Preseem
Preseem2 months ago
WISPs from all over the US, Canada, Bermuda and even the Philippines are joining us at 12 pm EST for our free webinar in partnership with Billmax. Learn about QoE monitoring, Plan enforcement and more - http://bit.ly/2ysvTLT Grab one of the few remaining spots now! #FixedWireless #WirelessWednesday #Webinar

Subscriber QoE Monitoring

Understand the real Quality of Experience (QoE) delivered by your network down to towers, access points and subscribers with real-time analytics and graphical summaries. By focusing on QoE, WISPs can ensure that they have happy customers thereby reducing churn and support costs.

QoE Optimized Plan Enforcement

Use Preseem's Advanced Queue Management (AQM) techniques to enforce bandwidth plans and manage high-bandwidth applications like Netflix in a manner that improves the subscriber experience but doesn’t add operational complexity. This reduces the dreaded ‘my Internet is slow’ support calls.

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