Preseem Quality of Experience (QoE) Seminar at WISPAMERICA’ 19

Join us Monday, March 18 for an exclusive QoE Seminar before Wispamerica 2019 kicks off

If you own or manage the network for your WISP, you must not miss this one! (Free event, Limited slots, Registration required)

Preseem QoE Seminar | Mountaineer Room | Hyatt Regency Cincinnati | 3.00 – 4.30 PM

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Limited spots (30). First-come basis.


Meet Preseem’s co-founders and WISPs using Preseem to learn all about QoE monitoring and optimization use cases. Hear directly from real-world WISP owners/ operators who have taken a QoE-based approach to networking talk about the impact this has had on their network, customers and business.

Also join us as we unveil the 2019 Spring version of Fixed Wireless Network Report with updated data where you can see interesting network performance insights taken from tens of thousands of wireless subscribers and thousands of access points. You can use this data to compare different access point models (from different manufacturers) on key metrics such as throughput, active subscribers, latency and much more. The data from this report will provide you a great overview on the real-world performance of fixed wireless gear and you can use this data to compare with your network’s performance. Such granular data on QoE metrics has never been seen before in the WISP industry.

3:00 – 3.45 PM

Introduction to QoE Monitoring & Optimization, Deployment & Use Cases by Preseem’s co-founders.

Case Study – Learn how E-vergent, Wisconsin-based WISP reduced churn by 28% and added $27,000 in revenue after deploying Preseem for just 6 months.

3:45 – 4:15 PM

WISP presentations – Select WISP Owners/ Operators share real experience, data, and network insights.

4:15 PM – Close

Launch of the Spring 2019 edition of Fixed Wireless Network Report with updated data and Q&A session

*Content and speakers may vary at event | Coffee will be served to all participants


Meet our QoE experts + Hear directly from WISPs using QoE-based networking approach. Learn how a WISP from Wisconsin used Preseem to lower churn by 28% and add $27,000 in revenue just after six months of deployment. Join us for the Spring 2019 update to the Fixed Wireless Network Report.


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