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API Integration with Leading Billing Vendors

If you use any of these leading billing vendors for your WISP operations, getting actionable QoE metrics with Preseem is easier than ever. Reach out to us and learn how our API integration with these platforms can help your network.

6 Reasons Why Preseem is The Right Choice for You

There can be many more reasons but we believe six should be enough to get you started!

Unmatched Technology

Preseem extracts QoE data from live subscriber traffic in a granular and time sensitive manner that just cannot be achieved with traditional ping-based network tools. Further, it uses Advanced Queue Management (AQM) techniques that help you enforce bandwidth plans while improving subscriber’s QoE without the complexity and cost of traditional policy-based platforms.

Made ONLY for WISPs

Preseem is developed exclusively for the Fixed Wireless industry and our constant updates and product improvements are a result of direct customer feedback from WISPs like you. The fact that we only serve one market allows us to focus all our efforts and resources on making Preseem the most powerful QoE monitoring and optimization platform for you.

Simplicity Works

From our sales demos to API integrations to in-line deployment to graphical user interface, Preseem is a fresh take on networking solutions by a team that doesn’t believe in complexity just for the sake of it (which often comes at a cost). As WISPs, you already have too much on your hands and Preseem is designed to make your life easier and you’ll notice that once you get onboard.

Support, As You Like It

We’re a small business with big dreams and we know that our success is directly linked to yours. Whether it’s email, in-app or phone calls you prefer, we go above and beyond ‘what’s expected’ to make sure that your network is always delivering the best possible quality of experience to your subscribers. All Preseem deployments come with dedicated training sessions and detailed network walkthroughs.

Affordable by design

No custom hardware requirements that cost a fortune, No annual maintenance costs, No support fees, No lengthy contracts or annual commitments. Preseem is affordably priced, per-subscriber on a monthly basis with plans starting $100 and ready-to-deploy appliances starting $1000. All plans come with a 30-day free trial and anytime cancellation option.

Backed by Expertise

Preseem is developed by a team with combined 40 years+ experience of defining, building, architecting and managing mission-critical network monitoring and bandwidth management products for global internet service providers. This includes owners of ISP networks and developers with years of engagement with the Fixed Wireless industry.

What WISPs are Saying About Preseem

“Preseem has been an invaluable tool in providing insights into our network’s true performance levels and end-user quality experience.  Since implementing Preseem we have uncovered issues that other tools, like ping and SNMP, did not alert us to with the same impact.  The Preseem interface clearly shows you a full picture of performance, not parts of it”

Joe Falaschi,  VP, E-vergent Wireless

JJ McGrath Preseem Reviews

“Preseem has done a great job of providing great insight into our network by presenting quality information regarding subscriber quality of experience.  Their staff is outstanding and we greatly appreciate their professional attitude on putting out a quality product and providing excellent customer service!”

JJ McGrath,  CEO, TekWav Wireless

“The Preseem Sonar 1.4 integration allowed me to get latency, packet drops and bandwidth insights across the access points in my network in a flash! This allowed me to immediately find and fix several QoE issues”

Owen Gingerich,  Owner, Jump Wireless

Subscriber QoE Monitoring

Understand the real Quality of Experience (QoE) delivered by your network down to towers, access points and subscribers with real-time analytics and graphical summaries. By focusing on QoE, WISPs can ensure that they have happy customers thereby reducing churn and support costs.

QoE Optimized Plan Enforcement

Use Preseem's Advanced Queue Management (AQM) techniques to enforce bandwidth plans and manage high-bandwidth applications like Netflix in a manner that improves the subscriber experience but doesn’t add operational complexity. This reduces the dreaded ‘my Internet is slow’ support calls.

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