Fixed Wireless Network Report 2019Q1 is now available!

Preseem’s QoE monitoring and optimization platform ingests over 5 billion¬†metrics per day from WISP networks. The Preseem Fixed Wireless Network Report leverages Preseem’s data set to provide a view into fixed wireless networks across providers and different kinds of equipment.

Key Insights from this edition include:

  • Fixed wireless networks show little throughput degradation during peak which indicates they are not heavily oversubscribed
  • The average fixed wireless subscriber uses just over 3 Mb/s when active
  • The average fixed wireless subscriber uses 6.7 GB of data per day for a total of 201 GB per month
  • Cambium and Ubiquiti access point equipment dominate fixed wireless deployments
  • Fixed wireless networks leverage wider channel width to deliver service to a higher number of subscribers vs. delivering higher throughput to the same number of subscribers per access point

What’s in this Fixed Wireless Network Report?

This report answers questions like:

  • What’s the average vs. peak download and upload throughput for a typical fixed wireless subscriber?
  • How does the latency for a fixed wireless subscriber compare at peak vs other times of the day?
  • Which manufacturer has the maximum access point market share by count of subscribers?
  • How do different access point models compare on number of connected subscribers, throughput and latency?
  • What is the typical channel width used by most WISPs?

and many more!

Sneak preview (click to expand chart)

Subscriber Download Throughput Peak vs All Times

Access Point Market Share by Count of Access Points

Percent of Access Points by RF Channel Width

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