Fixed Wireless Network Report

2019 Edition

Leveraging Preseem’s extensive data set, this report provides a view into fixed wireless networks across providers and different kinds of equipment.

Market Share

In order to understand the access point market share, we look at two metrics: the percentage of the fixed wireless market by the number of access points and the percentage of the market by subscriber count.

In both cases, the clear leaders are Cambium and Ubiquiti, with Cambium being higher based on subscriber market share due to the large number of subscribers supported by some of their access point models (eg 450m).

Preseem Fixed Wireless Network Report GraphThe market share gets a lot more complicated when the access point model is added to the picture. Comparing access point market share by device count and subscribers clearly shows the particular models that support a large number of subscribers.

Overview & Preview

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In order to measure and optimize Quality of Experience (QoE), Preseem collects detailed metrics on subscriber, network equipment and overall network performance from our customer base of fixed wireless Internet providers, often referred to as simply wireless ISPs (WISPs). Preseem ingests billions metrics per-day from WISPs across the U.S. and a smaller number in Canada and internationally. This report leverages this huge data pool to present a comprehensive view of the fixed wireless industry across service providers and vendors.

The goal of this report is to show the real world experience of fixed wireless subscribers, networks and equipment. As such, all data comes from fixed wireless networks.

This report answers questions like:

  • What’s the average vs. peak download and upload throughput for a typical fixed wireless subscriber?
  • How does the latency for a fixed wireless subscriber compare at peak vs other times of the day?
  • Which manufacturer has the maximum access point market share by count of subscribers?
  • How do different access point models compare on number of connected subscribers, throughput and latency?
  • What is the typical channel width used by most WISPs?

Sample  figures

Subscriber Download Throughput Peak vs All Times

Access Point Market Share by Count of Access Points

Percentage of Access Points by RF Channel Width

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