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WISP Access Point Oversubscription Ratio Insights

Welcome to the fifth and final entry in Preseem's Know Your WISP Network blog series! Based on Preseem's Fixed Wireless Network Report, the blogs in this series present the real-world experience of fixed wireless subscribers, networks, and equipment in an...

WISPAMERICA 2020 — 5 Must-Attend Sessions

WISPAMERICA 2020 is coming, full-speed ahead, to Dallas, Texas! Beginning on March 16th, Internet service providers, industry experts, consultants, and vendors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in all-things fixed wireless at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel....

WISPAMERICA 2020 Event — Preseem Happy Hour

Preseem is hosting an exclusive WISPAMERICA 2020 event for it's customers, friends, and other WISP operators. Join us on Monday, March 16th, from 4-7 PM at The Parlor Bar in the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. Showing our appreciation to the WISP community, the Preseem Happy...

WISP Access Point Latency Insights

Welcome to the fourth, penultimate installment of Preseem's Know Your WISP Network blog series! Over the past few weeks, this series of blogs has applied the insights contained within Preseem's Fixed Wireless Network Report to demonstrate the real-world experience of...

WISP Business Tips from Fixed Wireless Industry Experts

In October, 2019, Preseem hosted a Fireside Chat at WISPAPALOOZA with three operators of successful WISPs: Adair Winter of Amarillo Wireless / AW Broadband, Darin Steffl of Minnesota WiFi, and Brian Gray of Joink LLC. As a result, this unique setup enabled key...

The Fixed Wireless Market in 2020: Challenges and Opportunities

The fixed wireless industry is experiencing a transformation. Competition is mounting as rural communities are increasingly seeking greater access to faster Internet. Moreover, new technological advancements and regulatory changes are creating more options for fixed...

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