Reducing Churn & Growing Your Your WISP with Preseem QoE Solution – Webinar for WISPs

Customer churn simply implies existing customers not doing business anymore with your company or service. It’s an extremely important business metric because it’s much less expensive to retain existing customers than to get new ones. Since loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase, retaining just 1 subscriber can represent as much as $11,000 in value over 10 years (as discussed in one of our recent webinars). Deploying a Quality of Experience-focused approach to networking helps WISPs to objectively measure and improve their subscriber experience ensuring happy customers that stay longer and become more profitable over the years. Preseem has been deployed by hundreds of WISPs across the world and reducing churn is a business case we strive to make with every deployment.

E-vergent Wireless, a large growing WISP from Wisconsin was one of our first deployments. Just after 6 months of deployments, based on the real data provided by the customer, Preseem has helped to grow E-vergent’s business by reducing churn by 28% and save an additional $27,000 in revenues! We thought it’ll be great if Joe Falaschi, VP & GM, E-vergent can share his real-world feedback on QoE-based networking in general and Preseem in particular with other fellow WISPs so we invited him to a joint webinar.

If you own or manage a WISP business, this upcoming webinar on reducing churn and growing your business is a must-attend!

Important – Webinar will be recorded and copies will be emailed to all those who register so even if you can’t make it to the live event due to a schedule conflict, don’t forget to sign up for a spot!


  • Introduction – What is QoE monitoring? (It’s different than traditional network monitoring)
  • Deployment – How can Preseem be deployed in typical wireless networks?
  • Use Cases – What’s the impact of following a QoE-based approach on network performance and business metrics?
  • Real-world data – How did Preseem help E-vergent, a WISP from Wisconsin, reduce churn and grow?
  • Questions & Answers – Will this work in my network? How can I leverage Preseem to grow my business?



 Joe Falaschi, E-vergent Wireless


Joe is the VP & General Manager at E-vergent, a fast-growing WISP from Wisconsin, USA. He has broad experience in IT and Internet Services. He grew up with technology and started working in the industry at a young age. He has seen the Internet transform from the dial-up days where they were teaching people why they wanted the Internet and how to use it to the critical network it has evolved into.


Gerrit Preseem Gerrit Nagelhout, Preseem

Gerrit is the co-founder & CEO of Aterlo Networks Inc. He currently leads sales, business development and client relationships for Preseem – QoE monitoring & optimization platform for WISPs. He has been engaging with the WISP community for over 4 years now and also has many years of Engineering management experience at Sandvine.


Webinar Date & Time

Tuesday, Sep 04, 2018, @ 3 pm Eastern Time (30 minutes + Q&A)


How to Register?

The webinar is free to attend but has limited spots available. Even if you can’t make it to the live event, it’s a good idea to register because the presentation slides would be e-mailed to all registrants after the webinar has ended. Click here to reserve your spot and get the slides after the event.

For more information on Preseem webinars and to view past recordings, click here.

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