Quick Blog #1 – Network Issue



Roswell, New Mexico based Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)


What Exactly Happened? 

During a routine network check-up, Preseem helped the customer identify that a particular site – Site 100 – experienced a sudden change in Quality of Experience (QoE) for users, indicating a possible major network issue. This site was experiencing massive latency and delivering reduced bandwidth to the subscribers. This clearly signified that this site was down and subscribers on it were experiencing poor QoE during that time, as shown in the images below.

Network issue Preseem










Image 1 – Many sites can be seen with high latency (touching 200 ms regularly) in the chart.


network issue site 100 preseem










Image 2 – Site 100 isolated with consistently high latency (implying that subscribers were experiencing poor QoE)


Preseem then worked jointly with the WISP customer and proceeded to investigate the site and identify the possible causes for this issue. Preseem was able to pinpoint the exact time when the issue started. It was found that the site had a power outage around that exact time and this explained such drastic performance issues. After the client rebooted all networking systems involved at the site, QoE performance went up drastically as shown in the images below.


network issue image 3










Image 3 – Drastic improvement in latency for sites after the network issue issue was identified and devices were rebooted.


network issue 4 preseem










Image 4 – Site 100 returned to low latency levels (and corresponding improvement in downstream throughput) after network issue was fixed.


Important Takeaway

Real-time QoE monitoring allows WISPs to identify network issues proactively and take action to keep subscribers happy and avoid support calls and costs. While it’s important to know if network elements are up or down (using traditional tools), it’s critical for WISPs to know how good the quality of data being delivered to customers is and such information is available through QoE-based monitoring platforms.


Preseem is a QoE monitoring and optimization platform, developed exclusively for WISPs. For more details, click here.

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