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Map out Quality of Experience across your network

Down to individual towers, sectors and IP addresses.

Critical network metrics, real-time

Understand latency, packet loss, and throughput with <10 seconds sample rate

Take Action

In-built applications to detect and fix congestion on any part of your network by automatically shaping high-bandwidth applications such as streaming video and software upgrades
Reduce Subscriber Churn, Network Costs & Improve Profitability
By Measuring & Optimizing QoE across your network
Snapshots from Live WISP Deployments (Click to Expand & Learn More)
  • Understand the health of the network by measuring true quality of experience at a tower, sector or per-subscriber level
  • Optimize QoE on (congested) links or per-subscriber level by applying fair shaping
  • Mitigate impact of DDOS attacks by applying per-subscriber shaping on network ingress
  • Receive automatic alerts on key events such as a DDOS attack, and SLA violation
  • Integrate with your existing tools for subscriber topology and network planning
Lower Support Time & Costs and Delight Business Customers
By Leveraging Quick Access to Subscriber QoE Metrics & Intelligent Alerts
  • Simple access to per subscriber traffic metrics (bandwidth, latency, drops) for L1 support team members
  • Easy subscriber search with name or IP address and ability to look at historical QoE data
  • Monitor QoE for business customers using the quick access and benchmark with SLAs to ensure business continuity
  • Leverage intelligent alerts to proactively find and fix network QoE issues for key customers
Snapshots from Live WISP Deployments (Click to Expand & Learn More)
Reveal The Black Box That Is Your Network
Measure & Improve Subscriber’s Quality of Experience

Power of Network Telemetry

Actionable network metrics data with high-level abstractions and accuracy.

Cloud-based platform

Greater computational and storage resources as compared to traditional on-premises solutions.

Real-time Impact

Detect mini-outages, poor QoE & network issues in near real-time, unlike ping & SNMP based tools.

Identify & fix bad parts of your network

Pinpoint poor QoE and concerns across maxed out sectors, nodes or troubled IP addresses.

Networking Innovation at its best

Telemetry-based approach replaces all the unnecessary complexity & costs associated with big-box networking solutions.

Easy, Effective & Affordable

Unique architectural setup for a quick installation on off-the-shelf hardware coupled with WISP-first pricing plans.
Preseem Reviews | Testimonials
Happy customers.

Joe Falaschi, VP

@E-Vergent Wireless

“Preseem has been an invaluable tool in providing insights into our network’s true performance levels and end user quality experience.  Since implementing Preseem we have uncovered issues that other tools, like ping and SNMP, did not alert us to with the same impact.  The Preseem interface clearly shows you a full picture of performance, not parts of it.”

Owen Gingerich, Owner

@Jump Wireless, LCC

“The Preseem Sonar 1.4 integration allowed me to get latency, packet drops and bandwidth insights across the access points in my network in a flash! This allowed me to immediately find and fix several QoE issues.”

JJ McGrath Preseem ReviewsJJ McGrath, CEO

@TekWav Wireless

“Preseem has done a great job of providing great insight into our network by presenting quality information regarding subscriber quality of experience.  Their staff is outstanding and we greatly appreciate their professional attitude on putting out a quality product and providing excellent customer service!”
Frequently Asked Questions
Can my WISP network use Preseem?
Yes, if you’re an operational WISP, your network can leverage the power of Preseem’s network telemetry platform. Whether you use Ubiquiti, Cambium or Mimosa for your radios or Microtik or Cisco for your router, Preseem is compatible and ready-to-deliver. Further, no integration is required with any of these systems because all the data goes through Preseem’s inline platform and is independently measured & optimized.
What do you mean by WISP-first pricing?
We know that paying big money for expensive hardware, monthly subscription, and annual maintenance packages aren’t ideal for growing businesses like yours.  That’s why we designed Preseem with off-the-shelf hardware compatibility and very affordable monthly plans for QoE monitoring, optimization and support access features that puts your business first. Click here for more information.
What hardware do I need to run Preseem?
Preseem is a software solution compatible with your off-the-shelf hardware or virtual machines. For your convenience, we also offer very affordable, reliable and preloaded appliances that you can put in line in your network and get going. Click here to learn more about Preseem’s hardware requirements.
How does the Free Trial work?
We offer a 30-day free trial with no risks or commitments involved. Contact us today to get started and leverage the power of actionable insights to optimize subscriber QoE and grow your business.
Ready to leverage the latest networking Innovation in your WISP network for improved QoE & greater profitability?
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Network telemetry platform, developed for WISP network owners and administrators to monitor & optimize QoE, lower support costs and improve profitability.

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Preseem's Advanced Queue Management (AQM) techniques help WISPs to manage high-bandwidth applications like Netflix and device upgrades while improving subscriber QoE, reducing churn and increasing profitability!
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