QoE Monitoring & Optimization Platform

Developed exclusively for WISPs, Preseem is a one-of-a-kind networking solution that helps to find & fix Quality of Experience (QoE) issues across towers, access points, and subscribers.

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QoE Monitoring. Unlike Any Other Networking Tool.

Preseem extracts key performance metrics such as packet loss, TCP Round-trip-time latency, jitter and throughput directly from the subscriber traffic in real-time. With cloud-based analytics, user-friendly graphical interface and the Wireless Summary, Preseem allows you to objectively understand the real QoE delivered to your subscribers and pinpoint problematic areas of the network.

 Do You Know? Traditional ICMP and SNMP based network monitoring tools focus on the nodes in the network and offer at best a proxy for the real subscriber experience. Further, these tools, due to their limited granularity and 1-5 minutes polling samples can often mislead you into believing that the network is delivering the expected performance to your subscribers. On the other hand, QoE based monitoring measures QoE from a subscriber’s perspective which is how they rate your service.

 Do You Know?

As the amount of encrypted traffic increases, the complexity and operational costs of application based management techniques continue to rise. Alternatively, modern Active Queue Management (AQM) techniques can achieve high link utilization and good QoE even during the busiest times. This removes the complex guessing game of choosing bandwidth limits for particular applications or protocols.

QoE Optimized Shaping

Preseem uses Active Queue Management (AQM) techniques to enforce subscriber plan and access point bandwidth limits and to manage streaming video and other high-bandwidth applications while improving your subscriber QoE. Preseem’s QoE optimization, based on FQ-CoDel, allows interactive flows like VoIP, gaming & DNS to get through smoothly without being affected by bulk flows like streaming video and large Windows downloads. This ensures that your customers never call to complain about slow Internet while someone else in the house is streaming Netflix or doing a heavy download.

Built Exclusively for WISP Networks

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One Platform is All You Need
Preseem not only provides you critical QoE information across towers, sectors, and subscribers but also allows you to take action to optimize the QoE delivered by your network. This removes the need for WISPs to invest in multiple, complex and often costly monitoring and traffic/bandwidth shaping tools.
Secure Cloud-based Performance
Preseem logs all network metrics to the cloud for analytics, control & storage thereby removes the need for costly on-premises storage and compute. More importantly, our cloud-based architecture enables the sharing of large-scale computation resources across many customers enabling analytics that cannot be affordably offered on-site.
Simple, Effective & Affordable
No geek knobs. Preseem directly targets your WISP network problems and avoids exposing a large number of configuration options or policies which only drives up the operational cost. With off-the-shelf hardware support and monthly per-subscriber billing starting $100, Preseem keeps your up-front investment to a minimum.

“We needed a way to shape traffic, reduce high latency, and just make the network perform better. We added a Preseem unit directly in line with our core router and in less than an hour we saw a vast improvement.


Streaming traffic and web content flowed flawlessly together, VoIP traffic is now so smooth and high demand clients have nothing but praise. Preseem has given us a clear advantage over the competition!”  

preseem reviews Chris Grice, President, Grice Computers & Internet

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Getting Preseem is Easy. Or as some say, 1-2-3.

1. Get Hardware

Use your Linux server, VM or order one of our affordable appliances.

2. Install Preseem

Do it yourself or allow us to install it on your appliance for free.

3. QoE Metrics

Get actionable QoE metrics from your network within hours.

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Can my WISP network use Preseem?

Yes, if you’re a WISP, your network can leverage the power of Preseem’s network telemetry platform. Whether you use Ubiquiti, Cambium or Mimosa for your radios or Microtik or Cisco for your routers, Preseem is compatible and ready-to-deliver.

How does the Free Trial work?

We offer a 30-day free trial with no risks or commitments involved. Contact us today to get started and leverage the power of actionable insights to optimize subscriber QoE and grow your business.

What hardware do I need to run Preseem?

Preseem is a software solution compatible with your off-the-shelf hardware, virtual machines, and our dedicated appliances. Click here to learn more.

How much do I pay for Preseem?

Based on our extensive understanding of the WISP market, we developed Preseem as an easy to use and effective service with off-the-shelf hardware compatibility and very affordable monthly plans. Click here for more information.

Subscriber QoE Monitoring

Understand the real Quality of Experience (QoE) delivered by your network down to towers, access points and subscribers with real-time analytics and graphical summaries. By focusing on QoE, WISPs can ensure that they have happy customers thereby reducing churn and support costs.

QoE Optimized Shaping

Use Preseem's advanced AQM techniques to enforce subscriber and access point bandwidth limits and to manage streaming video and other high-bandwidth applications while improving subscriber QoE. This fixes 'my-internet-feels-slow' calls, lowers churn and delays network investments. 

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